Mt. Rainier, August 30-September 4th, 2000


Check out the movies page for Pat Brown's Rainier 2000 movie.


Trip Report

    It will come at some point.  Basically we went, learned a lot about glaciers, crevasses and weather, and came back safely.

The Team

The Gang.  From left to right:

The Gear

Personal Gear

Group Gear

The Plan

This is a tentative plan, subject to change without notice. We'll buy the food and fuel in seattle (or perhaps Luke will have bought the 6 or so quarts of white gas we need. It would be my preference that we have enough containers to carry them in safe aluminum containers. If not someone will have to carry the big gallon jug of fuel with the caveat that we would kick is gluteous maximus if he breaks it.

I would also like to make each tent group autonomous, so that food, stove and tents are split between two people, and so is the responsability for their cooking and melting of snow; although of course you can ask anyone to watch your food and stuff, but ultimately you are responsible for your own feeding.

Flight information

Wed 8/30th, 9:11pm Depart Boston
Thu. 8/31, 3:05am Arrive in seattle
Thu. 8/31, 5:00am buy Food and Fuel at supermarket
Thu. 8/31, 8:00am get permit at white river station, hike to glacier basin (5900ft)(3.3 miles 1848 elev. rise, 120 elev. loss)
Thu. 8/31, afternoon Pratice glacier travel and crevasse rescue at inter glacier
Fri. 9/1, morning Hike to Emmons Flat (9800ft)(2.6 mi, 4067ft elev rise, 315ft elev loss)
Fri. 9/1, afternoon More crevasse fooling around
Fri. 9/1, 11:30pm If weather window good, people feeling fine, and mars and mercury are aligned head for summit (14411ft, 1.8mi, elev rise 4630ft, elev loss 101ft)
Sat. 9/2, afternoon If summit previous day, ZZZ
Sat. 9/2, 11:30pm If no summit previous day, weather window good, people feeling fine, and mars and mercury are aligned head for summit
Sat. 9/3, afternoon If summit on 9/2 previous day, perhaps go for a dayhike to russel cliffs,
more crevasse training, check out base of little tahoma, roam around
Sun. 9/3, noon Depending on availability and people's feeling we can head down to glacier basin
Mon. 9/4, 2:00pm Arrive to trail head, go around mountain and shower
Mon. 9/4, 4:00pm Big Lunch
Mon. 9/4, 7:55pm Depart Seattle
Tue. 9/5, 7:26am Arrive in Boston

Summit Gear

The Syllabus

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