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So how it is done.

First I would like to acknowledge that the script was originally created by Esa 2007. I have made many modifications: search for specific places, resizing, open to a specific location...

In order to generate the data, I automatically generated a .csv file (spreadsheet) which I imported into the spreadsheet. This is built from my descriptions in which I encode the location data as a html comment. For the .CSV file I still do some manual intervention as I am having trouble with exact format. I also generate a .kml file

The spreadsheet I use looks something like this

From there and the code from the other page you can make a page like this!!.

At the very least you can display YOUR spreadsheet with the script that is out there to get something likes this [their code + your data] (all you have to do is to create an URL with what you find in key in your spreadsheet URL and plug that in the code URL above.

Here, just some of the places I have visited, to see them all goto the main pictures page or back to my main page

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