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2005 01 08 Ski Tete Garnesier

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Very nice outing, Alex and Luc chose an excellent itinerary taking into account all the complex factors like orientation, temperature...Although the choice of depart was the ungodly hour of 5am. Later I will learn that this is important if you want to synchronise everything to the state of the snow... like you want to descent at about noon, no earlier (hard snow), no later (wet snow)...

The approach is good as you can park fairly high (we won't talk about road blocks and do not enter signs).

We went up on iced snow, I thought "ergh!? we are not coming down this stuff, eh!, I will make one turn and go all the way down!!". We even had to take the skis off to get to the top... there is something that makes you uneasy when you have to walk up with crampons something you are going to ski down. We finally reached the summit, waited half and hour, and voila! the snow was ready for the descent. And what a snow we are talking about, this is the nice spring snow, and thin layer of snow over packed snow. perfect!.

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main page > 2005 > 2005 01 08 Ski Tete Garnesier

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