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2005 07 Peru Cordillera Blanca

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I had been thinking about going to Peru for sometime. When Julia came up independently with the idea and proposed me to go...I mentioned it to Robert, and voila, we had a tough three person team. Julia went ahead for reconnaissance, and Robert and I met at Lima's airport. We climbed in three valleys and spent a total of 17 days in the mountains.

Check out the 5 minute peru2005 mpeg video (lowres 30MB, highres 90MB). The video should stream (play without saving the file first) with Internet Explorer.

We climbed the following:

Urus Este (5430 m./ 17,782 ft.)
Ishinca (5530 m./ 18,143 ft.)
Quitaraju (6040 m./19,816 ft., North Face, D-)
Chopicalqui (6356 m./ 20,847 ft., Normal Route, AD-)
and we also attempted Tocllaraju but turned around near the summit because Robert said there were "high winds".

We first stay few days in Huaraz (in this folder you will also see pictures in the rest days in-between valleys), then we went for a day hike to Laguna Churup. After getting back, we wento to Ishinca Valley, because you can climb many low mountains from the same base camp. Quitaraju, was are following destination, located next to the famous but too famous, Alpamayo. There we did a somewhat technical route up the north face of Quitaraju, highly-cool. We capped the trip, by climmbing Chopicalqui, a superb ridge climb that takes you through beatiful scenery... I can't wait to go back to Peru in few years.

If you want a more summarized version of this trip, check out Robert's page

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