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2008 07 27 Climb N Ridge Sirac

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Our initial plan was to do something local in Belledonne, but considering the Saturday showers, there was a change of plans. Like it happens with this crowd, it is almost like Forrest Gump, you don't know what you are going to get in the box of Chocolates!. Anyways, I was announced Saturday morning that we would be doing the North Ridge of Sirac (having no clue where this is, they could of said South Face of Chirac, and it would have been the same).

Anyways, this is a bit south of La Mure, in a valley similar to la Berarde, meaning, in the middle of nowhere. This is good, because I don't know this region much. We see some rain while driving there, but according to our climatologists it should stop, as it does when we get there!.

The walk to the refuge is less than 2hr. We camp near by and we find out that it would be a major party in the route the next day. Meaning not that there would be a major party (group), but that there would be so many parties that we could have a party on the route! ji ji ji. Actually it turn out to be ok, except for the occasional rocks flying by to simulate real mountain conditions (ergh Hector aren't you already in real mountain conditions?)... anyways.

The was very nice, it starts up with some steep steps, then some slabs until it connects to the ridge, and then it climbs near the ridge. Writing this, it reminds me a bit of Whitney Gilman ridge (except this is longer but easier).

Now, the thing I was not aware was the descent. Actually, I had no information, but let's just say it was a real mountain descent with lots of downclimbing and "follow 4th class ledges" kind of thing.

Camptocamp topo C2C trip conditions: 1200 m - N - IV/AD/IV+ 11h

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