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2008 07 19 Climb 9 Cheminees Direct

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To continue filling my window view, I got a break, when Aude wanted to climb. I proposed Dent de Crolles which I can scope from my house. We settle on 9 Cheminees which is one of the easier (even if there is loose rock) routes up, and included the "Direct" variations to avoid some zig-zagging.

Theoretically I would know where the base of the climb is considering I had done "Les GDA" about 2 months before, although there was snow at the time. Fortunately, and although I should not admit it, I took a peek at my GPS and notice that we had overshoot the base of the climb.

I told her that to save time, we should "hike" up the first few pitches of the climb, but I then felt slightly bad, and said that if she did not feel comfortable we could take out the rope. It turned out that we took the rope out at a good time, the first chimney was hard enough to warrant a rope, and to think we were going to go up...hélas, brought out all my Hector Safety Briceno promotional material to make up for it.

Now we are finally on our way. The first few pitches go by fine, then around pitch 6, it gets tricky. Ok fine, I almost got lost, after probing around, it turns out that up was the way. The sad thing was that as we were climbing, there was a rescue that was going on. I offered to help, but the rescuers had everything under control (kudos to them as it was a difficult operation).

The last few pitches had some really cool belays (and while they were at it, they were more protected than the direct variation). I passed the lead to Aude while I enjoyed a nice siesta in the cave (just in case, of course I am exaggerating, I was belaying her attentively, with both hands on the rope).

We make it to the summit with plenty of time, that we had a leisurely picnic and made it down without a head lamp.

And, I told this whole story without even mentioning about when I heard "Mercredi, la radio est tombée" which is similar to what I heard in august 2001: "Hector I dropped the radio"... mental note, add a neck bracelet, or loop to radios to prevent them from flying away :)

C2C conditions C2C topo: 700 m - E - II/D/5c/A0


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