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2008 07 14 Climb Col Coup de Sabre

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When someone propose me to become the 6th and thus to form 3 rope teams, I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet some new people. Well the weekend of ice climbing worked out great, and just to think that a week before I was in Hawaii five-o!!!...I had to take the ice gear out of the closet*.

I brought my bivy sack knowing that sometimes people snore, or heck even I snore at times. I also told Yannick to bring a tarp just in case it rains (getting the word tarp in French took me a long time)... in the end he settle for the inner tent (I would have gone for the OUTER tent, but that is a different story). Well the bivouac was very nice, I helped them setup their shelter, and hit the sack early as our alarm was for 1am!!. The night was interesting as we had some grail and rain, but nothing to write home about.

The start was slow, but we actually got going at our estimated time. The route goes up to the top of the Col de Coup de Sabre with a couple of cool little walls. The most fun part is at the bottom were there are large blocks and you can actually place protection :)

I will have to admit that I arrived at the col a bit tired, after 7 hours of going non-stop with no food, it finally caught to me. But I was rewarded with super views, and few hours later with a nice lunch on a rock!

BTW, do not take the pictures too seriously, the bunch may look weird, but they are a nice crowd :)

C2C trip conditions C2C topo: 1650 m - NW - 5.4/E2 ED/S6 III/D

Antoine's TR Antoine's photos

Photos: A=Antoine, G=Guillaume, H=Hector

*this is of course a lie, as all my outdoor gear, summer as well as winter is ready to go in moments notice!!


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