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2008 06 07 Robert Visit

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During a conference robert was able to come down and visit me in Grenoble. Although the weather did not cooperate as much to show him how great this place is, we did manage to do some fun hiking in my backyard (the lenient use of the word backyard, it is really behind my house...just a 20 minute drive, but ok, I do not own it).

We went up to col de coche and then followed the ridge as much as we could. At some point it was starting to get dark, we found some way back (including walking across snowfields). We later dined in Grenoble some serious tartiflette to complete the experience.

Robert was also able to check the local scene by himself while I worked on Monday by doing some via ferrata near St Pierre d'Entremont.

I look forward to the next visit.


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main page > 2008 > 2008 06 07 Robert Visit

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