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2008 01 27 Ski Dent du Pra

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Starting from the classic Prabert, this time our goal is the Dent du Pra. Little did we know, how deep in the valley it is. The snow was really hard in places, which made it scary (of course putting the ski-crampons would have solved the problem, but then it would be too easy). We make it to the first plateau, have our break, we continue. It helped that we had some very motivated people, because I was ready to give up (but I won't say where).

The last 50 meters below the summit are very interesting, being kind of antisocial, I went too far left, which led to do a little "alpinism", but it turn out well. From the summit, you realize how close you are to the 7 lakes ski station (which would have made a closer depart).

I will not mention the little detour on the way back that I was responsible for, it did not cost us more than 40 minutes, and built the team spirit!!... sometimes it is hard to understand if people want to ski in the forest or they want to avoid skiing in the forest...


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main page > 2008 > 2008 01 27 Ski Dent du Pra

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