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2007 12 16 Ski Cime Jasse

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For the first second outing of the season. The avalanche danger being high everywhere, we decided to go a "well-known" depart, like it is Prabert. From the parking lot, there lots of people, but the crowds quickly dissipate. The start is sucky as it goes on the road for a long time, the advantage is on the way down, which one goes at a nice speed for a looong time.

The last photo shows the hand dryers at the new IKEA in grenoble which are super fancy spancy and work really well -- Everyone take example.

Sorry, but the first outing of the season was "Pic Blanc du Galibier", 12.02.2008.
Julie (01/31/2008)


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main page > 2007 > 2007 12 16 Ski Cime Jasse

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