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2007 09 23 Climbing Matterhorn

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So few weeks after attempting the Matterhorn, Remy calls me up on Thursday and says that Yan and his Dad are going on the weekend and he asked me if I wanted to go (Remy did not know that I had just been there)... I was like I need to get this mountain off my mind (I imagine how Whymper felt). This time, we would go up the Swiss side which can sometimes be more crowded, but the route finding and difficulty is slightly easier (when there isn't any snow, see outing Mars 2006).

Comme on dit en franšais "jamais 2 sans 3"!
After attempting the Matterhorn 2 times (first with Camilio, then with Seb), it was very important that Hector reach the TOP this time... Now, "it's done", we can say: next! :)
anonymous (10/08/2007)


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main page > 2007 > 2007 09 23 Climbing Matterhorn

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