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2007 04 15 Ski Pic Belle Etoile

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Pic de la Belle Etoile is another well-known grenoble summit. It is near-by the Sept Laux ski station. You can approach it from many angles. Being Spring, we decided to take the North slopes to search for good snow which we found. We also found in the parking lot hordes of people (40+) but once you start going up, you don't really feel them.

Since it is spring skiing, there are a couple of sections you do need to carry your skis, but not much, only two parts where you do have to carry and no longer than 20 minutes.

Once you reach the summit shoulder, you can either go up in skis through some steep slopes (see pictures) or you can leave your skis and walk up to the summit. The summit view is gorgeous as you have a clear view of all the mountains and down to the lakes (which is the reason the station is called "Sept Laux"!!).

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main page > 2007 > 2007 04 15 Ski Pic Belle Etoile

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