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2007 04 01 Ski Chamonix Tour Noir

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I have never been to the Glacier d'Argentiere (next one over from the Vallée Blanche). It is pretty cool, you take a telepherique up to 3500m then you ski up or down depending on your preference :) We decided the first option to get a superb descent. First, we ski down to the glacier, then ski across, then ski up (with the skins) to the col of the Tour Noir. From here, we switch the skis to the downhill position, massage our calves and then get ready for a 2600m continous descent to the car!!! this is 8500feet for our outre-atlantic friends.

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Do you have any comments to add about the "hole" in the snow (page 2 )?!! Did you throw a coin inside to test the depth?!
Julie (04/16/2007)

My lawyer said to plead the fifth amendment, no comments.
Hector (05/04/2007)


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