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2006 10 22 Climbing Mont Aiguille

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Saturday evening, what to do... how about the normal route of Mont Aiguille... in two hours everything is ready and off we go. Bivy next to car, and ready to go at 8am.

This is a very nice route, luckily for us, not too many people on this sunday morning (I was very scared that it was just published in this month in mountain magazine an article called: a sunday at the normal route of mont aiguille). We climb up (as oppose to down), couple of wanderings off route (it would not be a Hector Climb without)... just to put our lady friend in her toes. We find the cables which helps us keep to the route this time...another climber asks Julie, "hey why aren't you using the cables", she answers "my friend told me I was not allowed"... that's the spirit.

Arrived at the summit plateau, unfortunately very windy but with great views. The descent is the typical downclimbing off scree and good luck finding the rappel anchors. The answer is to do down the couloir a long ways and stay on it, avoid the tentation of well travelled side trails. The high-point is the 40m rappel with a free hanging part.


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main page > 2006 > 2006 10 22 Climbing Mont Aiguille

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