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2006 01 28 Ski Grand et Petit Som

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Saturday after a major snowstorm. What to do ? just call the snowbusters! hélas, I am fortunate to have a group of friends who they may not be snow experts but they do seem to know what they are talking about. Thus Saturday they propose la Chartreuse.

I drive down on Saturday morning from Lyon, making a record time of 2:30 hours for what is normally a 1:15 hour trip (I won't go into details how they take their time here clearing up the roads or how the snowplows go at the same speed (whopping 35MPH) and prevent anyone from passing, no I am not going to complain). And as always, I serve as the bus. Fortunately this time, I am in my Kangoo, so there is room to spare (no need to play tetris with bags and boots and skis).

We arrive at the trailhead (le pont des allemands) and head up the convent. We are in good ground. The skiing is good, the snow is fine. Once we reach the col, the wind picks up a bit. We also bump into a group from GUCEM that was snowshoeing (I am skiing this weekend! I had enough snowshoeing the weekend before!). Then we attack the arête, lots of wind near the summit of the Grand Som, tap and go and back to the col.

From there the team proposes to go up the othe summit of the Petit Som and go down a cool couloir. Sure why not. We have a snack and hop, back up. The descent on the couloir was pretty cool, a bit narrow, but the snow was fine. We catch few a bit of powder (which always makes up for any crappy snow), and we ski back to the car. Voila voila, like we (someone) say here.

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Summary: +1200m/2h45, +100m/0h20, total 5h.

Une sortie bien sympa où il faisait très chaud en bas et très froid en haut !! Vive le masque pour éviter d'avoir le vent dans les yeux ;oD
Alex (03/29/2006)

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