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2006 01 15 Ski Point Carmelita

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For the second day, we would do a longer outing with just a 10 minute drive from the Gîte. We also had 3 other people (Jerome, Audrey and Florian) join us the night before to become a group of 12. We did a good job of keeping to schedule and we were aredy do ski at 8:10am

At the start we follow a long path until we come out at the valley, which we go deep in to reach the face were we are going to go up... then up, then a flat section and then up...

For the last 10 or 15 meters before the summit it is best take off your skis. Fortunately, the descent is done behind the summit so you can put your skis on more or less on the summit for the way down.

Now we almost had a mini epic (or rather Mathieu almost did), few meters below the summit while doing a simple turn and having a simple fall, one of his skis came off... I thought it had gone off to the left into a little hole, when in fact it had gone down way left and was just stuck in the snow in a steep couloir heading down into never never land! luckily it was retrievable and thus Mathieu was spared to ski with one ski a la James Bond.

The descent snow was mostly ok, with one good segment of 100 meters of awesome powder snow which is the kind of thing that makes the trip worthwhile (of course this is on top of the group ambiance)

camptocamp route report, 1450m

Photos: H=Hector, A=Alvine, HP=Henri-Pierre, M=Michel, D=Damien

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