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2006 01 14 Ski Petit Bargy

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So this weekend I went on a two-day CAF (club alpin franšais) outing lead by Damien. The outing was a mix of people I knew and I didn't know (about 60/40). The weather forecast was super good, so if you stayed in the city it would be guaranteed that you would knock your head against the wall on Monday!.

Now what I have not also told you, is that I was trying out my new used car!. The Micra days are over, and the super Kangoo days are in. The car is great, it fits 5 people with all the gear confortably, and the skis go inside of course we would not want them to catch a cold.

Back to the trip, we left Lyon early at 7am, and we were already on our skis by 9:30am. The route goes up a road, then by some chalets, then by the forest, then up a col (hard part) and then just up to the summit of the Petit Bargy. The whole day we had a beating sun (and thus the reason I had to remove my shirt to let it dry).

On the way back to kill some time and polish our skills we did some ARVA exercices. It is always fun when somebody hides the ARVA a roof of a cabin... no one would think to search there, even if the ARVA receiver is beeping all over there!.

Then after the day of medium work, we go to a Gţte (L'outa) for a nice dinner and sleep (with super nice bathrooms too) to get ready for the next day...

camptocamp route report, 900m

Photos: H=Hector, A=Alvine, HP=Henri-Pierre, D=Damien.

Wow, looks like spring skiing in the Alps! In the middle of January...
Robert (01/18/2006)

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