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2005 12 18 Ski Vercors

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Sunday arrives and something must be done (like Ella Fitzgerald says). After couple of phone calls, the trip is set for something chill (as in easy chill, but it also turned out to be cold chill) in the Vercors, next to Villard de Lans.

We are a group of seven, including a lot of new characters and faces. We start off nice and gentle and then traverse on the forest roads fairly flat sections, but the scenery is very nice. We stop at the picnic table, I propose to take out the table cloth etc, but my friends were not too keen on eating out :). We continue up, traverse on some crusty snow and arrive at the final slope.

At the beginning the snow being crusty and all, I thought the descent would suck, but actually it was awesome! (see the descent video of Nico, very good!), although we can reveal that the bottom section (low altitude) was crappy crusty snow.

skitour route description

Photos/Video: A=Alvine, H=Hector, O=Olivier.
If video is jaggy, you can do a "save as" of the video and the open it locally.


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main page > 2005 > 2005 12 18 Ski Vercors

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