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2005 11 01 Climbing around Lyon

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Ok, so monday and tuesday are holidays. I end up staying in Lyon... Monday night, major venezuelan party, I take the first subway home, literally the first subway on tuesday morning 5am. I joke to my friends that probably I will get a phone call early in the morning to go climbing... yes, 9am, phone rings "Hey Hector, wanna go climbing"... "ergh... where? when?"... "like now before the rain arrives in the afternoon and near lyon (45 mins)"... Hop, Parabin, Paraban...

So we go climbing to Hičres sur Amby not far from here. Can you say Ragged Mountain... the climbing there is great, it feels like if I was in Connecticut! just a bit closer.

We start-off with a 4a, we let our young apprentice start off the leading... ergh, after the third or fourth bolt, ergh, is not looking so nice after all. I give it a try, and yes, it is a different kind of climbing, lots of laybacking and stuff, I through in a little cam for extra safety (needless to remind you guys of my middle name)... fine.

Then we move on to the 4c. Considering that the 4a was not as trivial as I would want my 4a's, I bet a quickdraw to our young apprentice if she makes it third bolt. I was shown, she finishes fine. We finish the day doing some other climbs...this is a great place to go climbing and even to practice what they call here Terrain d'aventure (a.k.a. trad climbing).

Photos: H=Hector, A=Alvine.


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main page > 2005 > 2005 11 01 Climbing around Lyon

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