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2005 10 16 Omblezes Climbing

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Ok, so back in Lyon... 7pm, chilling out at home, ring ring..."hey Hector wanna go climbing at Omblezes"... et voila!, Sunday we go sport climbing at a crag near Valence. The colors are even better here...

We start at Prince, a nice 5a (or 5b?). While at the same time Isabelle works on a route next to ours. We also amuse ourselves with Laurent, being recently introduced to climbing, makes faces and sounds as he climbs up. La seņorita Alvina takes advantage of the passage of Olivier to have some on-route live beta (20051016-11h52m10sH.jpg), what a service!. Later we'll see her making some faces, which we hope she will clue us in on what she was thinking.

Then we moved to another wall, for the picnic time was coming and this area was not terrible (french expression, "pas terrible", meaning it kind of sucked). We found a nicer section to eat, right under a 5a. Here our young climber will be initiated onto the world of lead climbing. But back to the picnic, great still, good wine, a good banana or pear cake by Isabelle, with a nice basil salad... excellent.

Now back to climbing, we moved few feet down to georgette a cool 5c chimney. Olivier leads it very without whining about the fact that between two bolts (spits) high up, there was a lot, a lot, of space!

At the same time I work a cool 6a next to it, which flows very well and I levitate under the influence of the wine which makes me not whine. Even better, I am able to talk myself into the 6a+ next to it, which it all goes well, until the holds run out and one must use the force (also called "balance")!, I remember well visualizing the fall... but luckily, it went fine...

Isabelle, later follows the same, with the added bonus of having a photographer right next to her. Unfortunately, the abs (abdo) work of the photographer, makes him sounds as if he was doing as much effort as she was, and she finds the noise funny and has trouble staying on the route...on the other hand, the resulting pictures makes it worth it.

Obviously, the day is capped with a beer at the local brewery (which brews them using water from the "source"... the local beer was very good).

In conclusion, a great weekend of climbing.

Photos: H=Hector, A=Alvine


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main page > 2005 > 2005 10 16 Omblezes Climbing

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