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2005 10 15 Pilier Martin Gerbier

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Having "butted" the previous weekends, I decided to leave the planing to others. La seńorita Alvine had some time on her hands and proposed the traverse of the "arętes de Gerbier". We recruited my new chilean buddy Camilo, who recruited the french local Mariette... and then we were four.

Arriving at the bottom parking lot, we pose questions to the hunters about the start... they mention that the arętes are long, and that we can cut sometime if we drive up the road (we won't mention the sign on the road)... having said the arętes are long, we change our plans to the pilier Gerbier, slightly more difficult but shorter.

Ergh, the road conditions leave something to be desired, but fortunately we have the stephanmobile, la nissan Micra, and I take it up the road without being able to tell the difference on any dents on the outside

Let's focus on the must be noted that the fall colors are just spectacular. We take an anti-shortcut to the bottom of the climb, which allows us to warm up with a little in-between bouldering before the climb. The climb being not hard (at most one step of 5a...yeah I remembered that I pulled on something and that my armed like flexed), we did it all as a running belay (with one refuel station). The climbing was fun as you are still progressing up the pilier. Our second team stayed some behind in order to let our jedi Mariette improve on her technique.

The venezuelan-french team, arrived on the summit at a good time for lunch, even somewhat early (see 20051015-11h52m34sA.jpg). The new-standard issue lunch comprises wine, provided by our french connaisseuse, I would recall a 2004 Merlot?. Once joined up by the chilean-french team, we rapped down. walked out, and the venezuelan half of the venezuelan-french team, stayed with team numero 2 to "share" with them their lunch (20051015-14h11m59sA.jpg)... because, me, Hector, I am all about sharing...while the french half of the venezuelan-french team, decided to continue her sherpa training and take the rope and continue down the trailhead and road.

Later, we met at the gate. Literally at the gate, because it has been closed shut. On the good hand, we were all together now. Thoughts passed left and right about how to get the car over, under the fence. No avail. I had not Dave either would could have picked the lock. Fortunately, having two engineers on stand-by, and the maneuverable micra (which means very small) we manage to defy the laws of physics and squeeze the car where normally people walk.

To cap it off, we have the standard beer in town before the drive home.

Photos: H=Hector, A=Alvine, and if C gets his butt moving, C=Camilo.

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