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2005 10 08 Climbing Grenoble

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This will be a "hiking" weekend. We part for a route in the belledonne mountains. The autumn foliage is explendid. The weekend after, in the vercors I will see colors competitve in comparison to our lovely New England...bref, the panorama is superb. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. As we get closer to the climb, we realize the conditions are a little bit different than expected. A demi-tour is chosen option. (ok, I will take the hit of a "B4i but" (french rating system of outings that do not go as expected)). To finish the Saturday, we go "hiking" to Dent de Crolles. I am greeted at the parking lot but old students of mine, who unfortunately reveal that for my first semester I was an "OK" (limit) professor, this is in front my Lyon friend (I don't want information to be flowing between Grenoble and Lyon... otherwise I will have to leave Lyon too, LOL).

Anyways, Sunday was a different story. We go climbing at Gorges de Crossey with a large group. Very nice, short approach, wide variety, and good food (food is critical in this kind of outings...I mean, no wine, no climb!).

Photos: H=Hector, M=Michel


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main page > 2005 > 2005 10 08 Climbing Grenoble

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