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2005 10-11 Cremailleres

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It is a french tradition that when you move to a new place to have a house warming party called a crémaillère. I was very nervous about the protocol and what to do. In addition, the fact that my appartment is small (you know I am very ecological and I do not want to waste energy... or you can say that I am very austere and do not need much, heck you can say anything, but what it is important is that it is chez moi).

So to mitigate any potential damage, I decide to split my house-warming party into two. The first is the latinos-crémaillère (like Olivier says) with my venezuelan and chilean friends (and if I flunked they would be much flexible...y bueno habían unas coleadas allí pero eran invitadas...que paradoja) and then I would have the co-workers crémaillère once I learned how it works. In both cases it was always a tight-run after late evening classes.

For the latinos party I made some arepas which were complemented by an avocados sauce that magically appeared on my fridge along with some wine which magically appeared on the table (thanks for the magical hands). We had a lot of fun and did a good job putting away 6 bottles of wine. I think we did a good job in improving the venezuelan-chilean relations. In their honor, I opened a nice bottle of Casillero del Diablo.

Two weeks later I was ready for the french crémaillère where my friends from the lab came to support me in my move to Lyon. We did not fare badly there either, we put away a good 5.5 bottles thanks to a recuperation done by Alex and me at the last hours of the night. The topics were varied from Lab gossip to french politics. I now look forward to going to other people's crémaillères :)


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