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Huaraz is the Chamonix of South America, it is amazing how close these giant mountains are to the city. The city is also very lively and you can find super good restaurants around. There are also many marches (like school kids marching down the streets). We ended up renting a room for the whole month instead of just the days we were in the city, it is much more convinient.

Our neighbors, Chris and Kelly from Jersey, were very nice -- Chris actually ended up joining us on the last climb. Maria, the owner was superb, always very helpful (like giving us coca for the coca tea, high altitude remedy).

And finally, of all coincides, we ended up bumping up with some MITOC people! it turns out the Julia bumped into Becky in Cusco, they agreed to meet in Huaraz... when Becky arrived there with Susan Ruff and Robin, Julia told them that she was climbing with some people, the guy she knows is called Hector, then Becky replied "and the other guy is Robert", Julia says astonished, "How did you know"... bummer we only get to share one meal in Huaraz as we were leaving for Quitaraju the next day.


  • Breakfast at Cafe Andino: All but like 2.
  • Caraffes of coffee: 13?
  • Clubbing: Extreme 2 or 3, Tambo 6?, Maconda 2? (I always get the two confused).
  • Beers: 23?


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main page > 2005 > 2005 07 Peru Cordillera Blanca > Huaraz

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