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2005 06 05 Ski Recovery

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So, you remember that in 2005_02_17_Ski_Chevalnoir I skied back on one ski?! well, my super ski trab ultra piuma was complaning and missing its brother, and was making a lot of noise that I could not sleep. I decided it was time for "Operacion Caballo Negro" and to go and recover the other ski. Fortunately, being part of a secret comando special forces unit, I still had my super duper 60x long range scope.

The day before going up, I gathered intelligence data from my secret covert agent, code-name "Alex", thus it was decided, that no serious snow would be found. Thus I went up in sneakers to a col, spoted the ski and recuperated it flawlessly. Damage: just a little rusting on the edges (I mean, it did spend 3 months out in the cold by itself... poor creature).


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main page > 2005 > 2005 06 05 Ski Recovery

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