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2005 01 28 Ski Mont Brequin

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What a day!!... this is the day I met misses powder skiing. I really like the fact that my friends know the area. Alex took me to Mont Brequin, for a "pepere" 1700m climb to Mont Brequin. The going up was fine. The first third of the descent, I said to myself, jesus, I am not going to be able to take as the snow was a bit heavy and it sucked. But then as we got closer to the bottom, it turned into powder and what a feeling... we stopped to think what kind of traces you want to leave in the powder, skiing is like painting, you want to think what you are going to leave in the virgin canvas... to cap it off, we did a little TRUE back country skiing by skiing through the bushes and forest, I am hooked!


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main page > 2005 > 2005 01 28 Ski Mont Brequin

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