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2005 01 16 Ski Gr Montagne d Arvillard

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So after good partying the night before (and we won't talk about the major fumble or forgetting your ski's skins at home and having to drive home at 3h30 to get them), we went out for a nice relaxing social skiing on sunday lead by Herve. The road was a little verglassed and we had to use the chains (which every good greneblois has on their car obviously :).

We were about 16 or 17 (depending when and/or where you count). The snow was crusty, but then again, this is no ski station. Overall it was very fun, although it makes me realize how much I suck at skiing, and what one of my 2005 resolutions is !!.

I also learned that if you were to break your skis (not me, really), you can do conversions in the way down and avoid completely breaking them... is not like I betted one beer that someone's skis would not make it down in one piece...

Pictures without the 'H' are credited to Yannick.


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main page > 2005 > 2005 01 16 Ski Gr Montagne d Arvillard

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