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2005 01 01 New Years

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New Years was spent at a nice cabin in Belledonne. I introduced my french friends to the many traditions of New Years, the most useful one, being the eating of 12 grapes at the beginning of the year. The hike up was advertised as being one hour, it turned out to be a 2h30-3h slog (considering we had just comed down from another refuge that morning).

It was very fun, although kind of tricky receiving the new year, as we had no external contact, I took the initiative and made my watch the official time. I received the new year in a suit, and we shared LOTs of champagne. Mental note, 3 bottles is sufficient for a group of 16 (as oppose to 5). I also continued the tradition of walking around with a suitcase (adapted by skiing with a pack, see picture at 00h40).

We'll see what we do next year...

Photos: H=Hector, M=Maud, C=Clotaire


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