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2004 10 30 Try Back Aid Climbing

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I would like to dedicate this outing to my friend Dave. Now, remind me why people aid climb again? I went to Chambery, to Mont Peney, to practice some aid climbing and remove the rust from my hooks. I did not follow the advice of my friend Hans, and I wore comfortable shoes (which is probably a good thing, because otherwise I might have been tempted to ...). Anyways spent, like 1 hour on the wall and moved up 20 meters!! I suck :) on the good side, I did manage to make one scary hook moved (documented for posterity). I am also having trouble remembering the name "Pinnacle Gully". I like to dedicate the video to Dave. cheers. Note: the routes at Mt Peney, are a mixture of Aid and Free climbing. Note2: artificial climbing = aid climbing


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main page > 2004 > 2004 10 30 Try Back Aid Climbing

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