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2003 11 01 ErinVisit

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My friend Erin from the States (or how we say here, les Etats Unis) came to visit for few days. I had just acquired my voiture so we did a little tour around. The first day I suggested a little rock climbing at Col du Coq, we (I) was surprised to find the snow line so low (1000meters), below our climb :) while we were climbing there were people tele skiing at dent de crolles!!! remedy the situation the next day we went to Les Calanques near Marseille (the 3rd largest city in France). We climbing with a nice seaside backdrop. we wont talk about getting lost in the "10 minute" approach (1hr). Then we headed for Courtmayeur in Italy, with a little stop in Monaco, because of the large number of cops I avoided racing in the streets. Never mind that we were not in season and that the town was vide (empty). We hopped (rather ducked) through the Mont Blanc Tunnel and headed for Chamonix. checked out the town and asked for advice. The recommendations for those without snowshoes (us) was to check out Col du Balme, this worked out great because we were able to step into Switzerland. We stayed at a campground in town that afforded nice views and vistas for my photography. We closed with a nice traditional Fondue dinner back in Grenoble. It was fun.


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