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2007 11 16 Tokyo Japan

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I got the chance to present a poster with the University in Japan, waoh, it was really cool to go there for a week. It is incredibly clean, the japanese are super polite; in the subway they don't speak loudly on the phone (not much, only if really necessary and in that case they will go to a corner and speak softly...they mostly send text messages).

The standard tour of Tokyo includes visiting the electronics district, we spent way too much time there!. We also visited the Sony store, temples...

There are some crazy fast food places. You place and pay for your order outside on a sort of ATM, then you go in, you eat and you leave making room for the next person. Pretty efficient. There are also vending machines everywhere.

We took one day to go out of town. We visited Nikko which has a UNESCO world heritage site, lots of buddist temples. Technologically, a world apart from Tokyo, it is more like your small provincial town.

Finally, we visited the Fish Market, it is Humongous!! you get to see the large Tuna fish as they sell them and cut them. We got in too late in the morning, but supposedly at like 5am you can see the fishermen haggling and selling the fish to the next person in the chain.


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