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2006 12 31 New Years

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We wanted to spend new year's in a refuge. Like always, we started looking for a place to stay on the 30th, so the chances of finding one were pretty slim. We found one, that was non-guarded (meaning there isn't a person to make you food and to pre-heat the refuge and it has no reservations), called Refuge des Fonts de Cervieres (2040m). The downside was that the trailhead for it is 20 minutes from Briancon, so it would probably be packed.

We parted for it, I being old school, was prepared for worst-case scenario, so I had full winter gear for sleeping outside just in case. It turned out to be empty and we had the refuge to ourselves!.

At the arrival after 2+ hours of almost flat skiing (200m D+) we get there around 3pm. To kill some time, we go a bit up on the mountain in front. And we get ready to receive the year. Lots of reflection on the past year and preparation for 2007. I introduce Julie to all the venezuelan customs associated with New Years: the 12 grapes to make 12 wishes; the money in the pocket; taking out the suitcases (backpack) to travel during the year; and the tie to properly receive the year.


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main page > 2006 > 2006 12 31 New Years

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