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2006 10 07 Hike Lac Muzelle

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Late start (tm) from Lyon, arrive at Dachère (at the entrance of D530 after Bourg d'Oisan) at 4pm, at 950m a.s.l. Hike up to Lake Lauvitel, 5pm, 1450m, Col Vallon at 7:30pm at 2500m. Take out new Tikka XP for the descent (even with moonlight, it is nice to see where you place your foot when is not like a flat flat path, just me). Arrive at Lake Muzelle at 8:30pm. Diner: noodles with tomate soup. That was the easy part.

Sunday morning, start reading around 9am "D'un part et de l'autre" de Schmitt, page 35. After little pause at 10am for coffee and to tell myself that life is hard (although it really is, we won't go into the details of hours of classes and stuff). Sun arrives at 10:30am. Now it is really good, start of strip-tease...(before it was cold, let's not kid ourselves). Finish reading with bunch of pauses and 1 liter of coffee around 2pm, page 160.

Joggin descent, 1h30 to arrive near Cerisier, 1130m descent. Plus 40 minutes to finish the loop. The thing that I love about trail running is the level of concentration required, any little distraction, means a bad step and a pretty nice fall.

Stats: D: +1600m, 1L coffee, 125 pages, and the testing of the trekking chair 20 which is excellent for reading.


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main page > 2006 > 2006 10 07 Hike Lac Muzelle

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