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2005 10 22 Paris Sister

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Like always... few days before as I am talking to my dad..."Hey Hector you know your sister is in Rome, she is going to Paris in like two days" ... great why do I always find out at the last minute... that is my family, but sure I can't blame her, she found out only few days before. Bref, I seize the opportunity to visit her, my aunt and my cousins in Paris. I am fortunate to have gone out a lot of weekends, so I do not feel guilty about not adding another mountain weekend to my album (unlike another person that I know ;).

Rushing to Paris to see my sister I arrive at my aunt's place around 10am, only to find out that the principessa is still in bed, only the wake up at noon!. We enjoy a quality oyster lunch with tía Lupe and the cousins. My sister and I later promenade ourselves through the streets of Paris and finally have a great, insightful and educational (mostly for me) dinner where I share with her my joy for wine and cheese in this country (in addition to a good entrecôte).


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main page > 2005 > 2005 10 22 Paris Sister

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