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2004 10 08 GUCEM integration weekend

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So for those on the other side of the pond, GUCEM stands for Grenoble University Club Escalade Montagne, a.k.a MITOC in french...the integration weekend was fun, a large contingent went caving, and a small contingent went climbing. Afterwards, we partied at a friends house with a pasta feast and silly games (like 'you dont draw a pretty moon' and 'jimmy jimmy jimmy' or something like that). As for climbing and as customary, I brought a small alpine rack, only to find that the whole route was equipped, although I was able to share some factoids on gear...they did not seem to buy that you can place tricams between ice and rock, for that matter, tri-cams are kind of an exotique item here... if they only knew about the gunks and the pinks...the sunday morning, our friend gabriel gave us an introduction to self-rescue hauling techniques. As for the photos, they were all taken by Aurelie (except those of hers taken by your high-angle photographer). A+

Sortie Gucem/Esmug Poussez pas derričre/Dent de Crolles (Chartreuse)


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main page > 2004 > 2004 10 08 GUCEM integration weekend

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