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2004 08 26 Sister Wedding

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So the day finally arrived when we could breath easier and give off our lovely sister to a gentleman...the house was filled with my other sister's kids and many of the actors involved in this joyeus will see pictures of my lovely nephews, mother, father, bother, sister, bride, hair dressers, make up, dress designer, et al. The incredible part is that my sister was actually even early for the ceremony (I will take some credit for that) and had to drive around a bit before going into the church. The last three pictures are from my godson's baptism the day after.

There are no pictures of the ceremony, as I, being one of the witnesses, could not take pictures at the same time. And there no pictures of the party, as I was dancing...don't forget that you can add you own comments to the pictures (there is a post comments button on the lower right corner)


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main page > 2004 > 2004 08 26 Sister Wedding

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