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Hola Hector,

I just read your Report from going up the Sierra Nevada in Merida. It had a lot of interesting info for, as I´d like to make the Roundtrip including the Pico Humboldt. At the Moment I am in Boa Vista/Brazil to finish my work here and afterwards I plan to go via Caracas to Merida. You mentioned a Map in yout report. Where do you get it, and is it detailed enough to find the trail. If you have time, we eventually could make the trip together. I will stay in a rather Highclasshotel in Caracas, because I plan to leave some lugage there which I will not need during the trip. It is La Floresta in Altamira. If you are interested leave a message there.

The old climbing page has more stuff that happened that year.

Sincerly Ivo
Ivo Voß (02/13/2006)


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