Trip to Nova Scotia May 16-20, 2002

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My brother does theater professionally.  He is an actor, director and also producer of many awesome plays.  They Company, AgoTeatro, was invited to the annual theater festival in Liverpool, Nova Scotia.  Well, as a good brother, he calls me up, and says "Hey Hector can I borrow your car."  I was like "sure" where are you going?." He replies "Well we want to fly into Boston and then drive up to Nova Scotia."  I did a double take (great more miles for my baby), but family is family.  The schedule he had conflicted with my area exam, so after few days of machining, I came up with an awesome idea:  He can drive a day ahead, and then I would finish my exam, and then take the Bus to Portland, take the Ferry to Yarmouth, then bike to Liverpool, meet him there, check out the festival, and then drive back with him.  Cake.

This is my photo album of that trip.  I highly recommend it.  The biking in Nova Scotia is very scenic, and the drivers are very considerate, out of the hundreds of cars that passed me, I would say only one was not considerate (maybe a visitor?).

This is me arriving at Yarmouth.  That is the Ferry Station in the background
Downtown Yarmouth, the colors are vibrant, very picturesque, in a way it reminds me of old towns at home.. 

I think this is a Church near Argyle, but I could be wrong.

First time I see this sign, but clear what it means.

I can't remember if this is a German, Dutch, or French looking house

Kind of obvious that fishing is big here.  I really hoped for another colored boat

Lighthouses safeguard everything, the sea, ponds, and little ponds...

This is near Pubnico, in an old Acadian Settlement.  The guy behind me may look tough, but I am tougher....

This must be a barge house, if he doesn't pay the rent, they push him.

I visited many lighthouses so it is hard to remember whish is which, but I think this one is also near Pubnico.

At some point, they used to just hang a lantern on top of this pole.  And actually this pole was out on some little island; so there was a guy who would paddle there every day to turn on the latern.  They gave that up after years.

Fake lighthouse, this is really a store.

Cute little bridge, although the road runs parallel to it (where I took the picture)

This was a cool lighthouse, made out of metal, and it seemed like it was made in one piece.  Modesty apart, I think I look pretty studly in this picture (yes it is me)


Doing a little magic and keeping my Jedi skills fresh.  As soon as I let go of my powers the mailbox fell

This is how I feel sometimes when I am talking to people.

Cemetery with a lighthouse memorial

Local fishermen skinning and drying the catch of the day.


I feel sometimes, like people are not listening to me.

I really wanted to capture this electrician climbing up the pole.  He went up so fast.

YALH, yet another lighthouse

That is me, the chief.

Talking to some locals, sharing with them some of my experiences, they listen to me.

Yes I went on the Lighthouse route.  It turns out to be decently marked, ie. you can probably wing it without a map

Yeah, I made it to Liverpool after 140 miles.  I got in at Yarmouth on the ferry at 9am the day before; biked 100 miles that day to Shelbourne, and then biked 40 miles this day to Liverpool (direct non-scenic since my brother was presenting).

Here is my brother, Monica, and Virginia at the Festival.  They presented few hours after this picture.  I actually helped with the lighting.  This whole theater business is very stressful, I will not share the details of why I say this, but just take my word for it.

Wouldn't this be a great bouldering area, no one to bother you, no neighbors...

The town of Liverpool, NS

Every night there would be celebrations

Another lighthouse

But after few days the festival comes to an end, and we drive back.  It took us something like 17 hours non-stop to drive back from Liverpool to Boston.

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